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Expertise in providing high quality audio remotely for live streaming or even broadcasting. Marrying professional commentary to the action on a live feed into our studio for near live transmission in high quality audio, Fully synchronised through various commentary platforms such as Spalk.


Experience in providing seamless commentary for edited highlights packages is a remote service which can be provided with as super quick turnaround to meet even the tightest of deadlines.


Capturing key goals, dropping in crowd effects if necessary, For broadcasters worldwide who require short goal clips to play out in subsequent shows to make it sound like they had a commentator at the big match!

Live Shows

We have the capabilities to produce a high quality live show or broadcast, a commentary or an 'around the grounds' format that can be used on radio or online. High quality audio and keeping the costs down by doing everything remotely without compromising on quality.

Streaming commentary

Providing live commentary remotely for live streaming. The commentator can be based at the game but modern technology allows us to provide professional, high quality audio commentary from our own remote studio using highly experienced commentators with the option of multiple voices added to the stream.

Set up to work seamlessly with all virtual commentary studio packages and streaming platforms that specialise in streaming sporting events. We provide commentary that synchronises perfectly with the action for IP, radio, OTT and linear requirements. Recognised partners to interfaces for live streams including Spalk, OB Studio, Kiswe and VMix. Ideal partner for broadcasters, bookmakers, football apps and websites, leagues, football associations and clubs. Support and advice given for the full streaming service.

Voiceover commentary

With a speedy turnaround, high quality audio recording and of course, professional commentary, we can provide audio commentary that can drop seamlessly into existing filmed footage. Ideal for clubs, filming companies and broadcasters.

Specialists in voicing commentary for highlights packages for use on radio packages, including a full editing and graphics service if required.

Commentary supervision

From the 2021-22 season we will be taking on two contracts where we will be managing the pool of commentators on behalf of broadcasting clients. Helping to ensure all KPIs are met and commentators meet the high standards required. Training where necessary and playing a part in the production of each match to ensure the client's needs are met in terms of commentary.

Our recording facilities

Our well equipped studio is configured for live streaming using Spalk and other platforms as well as having the capability to record high quality audio for voiceover commentary.

All commentary is voiced using high end microphones. Both in our studio and for live broadcasts whether remote or attending the match itself.

Filming your big match

Commentary Services have a very close working partnership with FilmMyMatch who we strongly recommend to anyone who wants their sporting event filmed.

They have top of the range equipment, experienced cameramen and editors and are one of the leaders in their field.

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A unique service for sports broadcasting

Quick turnaround, top quality audio

Everybody would love to be a star on Match of the Day wouldn't they? More and more matches are being filmed now. Not just the professionals but non-league, amateur, youth. The cameras are rolling at all levels of the game - all over the world!

Watching filmed football really isn't the same without commentary and that is where Commentary Services come into play. We are professionals in sports commentary specialising in putting a voice to the action, whether it is live or the match has already been filmed.

If the game has been filmed, we just need the raw footage and a teamsheet (and some information) and we will voice commentary that does it justice. We use established, experienced commentators to ensure the end product is the highest quality.

Our services are aimed at clubs, leagues, associations, filming companies and even broadcasters and this is a service that can cater for your needs where ever you are in the world. Whether you need a lasting memory from your big cup final or you are a broadcaster wanting commentary for a highlights package, we are here to provide the perfect (and affordable) solution.

Making memories - for keeps!

Don't you just wish your finest hour as a footballer was caught on film? We pride ourselves on bringing a cup final to life, be it the full 90 minutes or just the highlights. Our commentary is professional in every sense.

Not just the voice but the preparation too. We like to find out a bit about the match, the teams and the individual players as well as the managers and why not mention the sponsors, the injured players, the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

Working closely with the client, Commentary Services ensure the end product is way above expectation. Call us for a chat and we can also help with filming and graphics if that is an area you have not yet covered in preparation for that big match!

No stone will be left unturned to ensure that your memories are captured in style.

On the look out for commentary talent

Whilst we have over 100 talented commentators on our books, we are always on the look out for fresh, new talent - experienced or aspiring, we want to hear from you!

Always on the look-out for fresh, new talent, we are keen to add more female voices to the database of commentators as well as other sports whilst we are keen to have a broad range of accents and we always like to have commentators all over the UK available for localised work.

If you think you have what it takes to join our team, why not email us with a sample audio file of you commentating?

Our clients worldwide

Our clients include football clubs, leagues, local football associations, filming companies and broadcasters in the UK, the USA and all over the world.

Our service is available all across the globe, from Ghana to Glasgow, from Singapore to Seattle.

Live stream experience with the Middle East, Asia, Australia and USA as well as the UK.

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