voiceover commentary

With a speedy turnaround, high quality audio recording and of course, professional commentary, we can provide audio commentary that can drop seamlessly into existing filmed footage. Ideal for clubs, filming companies and broadcasters.

We specialise in voicing commentary for highlights packages.

streaming commentary

We can provide a commentator for any live streaming. The commentator can be based at the game or in a remote studio such is technology!

Contact us for more information of what is involved with live streaming commentary and allow us to simplify the process and enhance the stream. Commentary can really enhance a streamed football match.

partnering broadcasters

We are perfectly set up to be able to partner broadcasters by providing voiceover commentary for highlights packages.

Using professional, experienced commentators, we can work to very tight deadlines and all audio is recorded in high quality for broadcast purposes. A service provided at a fraction of the coast of getting commentators into the studio or to the game itself.

get your match filmed

If you need your match filmed then talk to us. We partner with Film My Match who come highly recommended.

We can tie everything in as a complete package to suit your exact needs, including team line-ups and goalscorer graphics.

our recording studio

Our Bedfordshire based studio is just a short commute from London and is suitably equipped to enable us to stream live remotely without our commentator having to be at the match itself.

We have invested to ensure that our audio is of broadcast quality.

commentator database

Our carefully selected commentary database has over 100 excellent talents covering all areas of the UK, all accents and many sports as well as football.

Most of these have capabilities to voice from home and sample audio is available for all of our commentators.

a unique service to football

Everybody would love to be a star on Match of the Day wouldn't they? More and more matches are being filmed now. Not just the professionals but non-league, amateur, youth. The cameras are rolling at all levels of the game - all over the world!

Watching filmed football really isn't the same without commentary and that is where Commentary Services come into play. We are professionals in sports commentary specialising in putting a voice to the action, whether it is live or the match has already been filmed.

If the game has been filmed, we just need the raw footage and a teamsheet (and some information) and we will voice commentary that does it justice. We use established, experienced commentators to ensure the end product is the highest quality.

Our services are aimed at clubs, leagues, associations, filming companies and even broadcasters and this is a service that can cater for your needs where ever you are in the world. Whether you need a lasting memory from your big cup final or you are a broadcaster wanting commentary for a highlights package, we are here to provide the perfect (and affordable) solution.

making memories - for keeps!

Don't you just wish your finest hour as a footballer was caught on film? We pride ourselves on bringing a cup final to life, be it the full 90 minutes or just the highlights. Our commentary is professional in every sense.

Not just the voice but the preparation too. We like to find out a bit about the match, the teams and the individual players as well as the managers and why not mention the sponsors, the injured players, the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

We work closely with you to ensure the end product is way above expectation. Call us for a chat and we can also help with filming and graphics if that is an area you have not yet covered in preparation for that big match!

No stone will be left unturned to ensure that your memories are captured in style.

quick turnaround, top quality audio

One thing we pride ourselves on is the ability to plan ahead in order to guarantee the quickest possible turnaround of commentary audio so as not to cause any delay in the production line - we are used to working to tight deadlines!

Further more we always look to provide high quality audio, using the best voices available and we strive to provide accurate commentary for our customers at all time in our strive for perfection!

We are always available to chat and would be happy to talk through your requirements with you. Just give us a call on 01767 777543.

Audio can be provided in whatever format you require it, although we tend to provide .WAV or .MP3 as standard.

on the look out for commentary talent

Whilst we have over 100 talented commentators on our books, we are always on the look out for fresh, new talent - experienced or aspiring, we want to hear from you!

We are keen to add more female voices to the database of commentators as well as other sports whilst we are keen to have a broad range of accents and we always like to have commentators all over the UK available for localised work.

If you think you have what it takes to join our team, why not email us with a sample audio file of you commentating?

our clients worldwide

Our clients include football clubs, leagues, local football associations, filming companies and broadcasters in the UK, the USA and all over the world.

Our service is available all across the globe, from Ghana to Glasgow, from Singapore to Seattle.

We have live stream experience with the Middle East, Asia and USA as well as the UK.

get in touch with us!


our official filming partner

Commentary Services have been the official commentary partner for FilmMyMatch for a number of years, working closely with them on various commentary highlights which we voiceover for them but also a growing number of live streams.

They are leaders in their field and come highly recommended with us. They are our official filming partner.

visit FilmMyMatch website

our partners at ICDb

We are more than happy to promote the services of ICDb and their quite brilliant database which they work tirelessly on to keep up to date with the latest commentary appointments. Check it out and see who is behind the mic in the coming days!

visit the ICDb website

samples of our work

We have many samples of our work, both voiceover highlights and live streams. if you would like to see these please let us know and we can send you links.

For the 2020-21 season we have been working with FilmMyMatch on the FA Womens' Championship highlights as well as live streams on FA Player.